What is SOZO?

SOZO is a Greek word and is used 110 times in the New Testament. It means to save, to heal and to deliver. It is always used when Jesus heals someone. Therefore, SOZO is a good name for a prophetic prayer ministry for inner healing and deliverance. This ministry was developed at the end of the nineties by Bethel Church, Redding in California, and is named Bethel SOZO to avoid any confusion. At the beginning of 2000 SOZO was brought to Germany by people who had experienced it in Bethel church and wanted to start SOZO here. Today there is network of 100 certified SOZO ministries in Germany as part of the worldwide network.

SOZO was developed in California by Dawna da Silva and Teresa Liebscher. It is a compilation and extension of tools from renowned healing and deliverance ministries. It supports people in healing old wounds, exchanging lies for truth, shutting doors to the enemy of our souls and bringing people into their divine destiny.

SOZO sees itself as a supplement to traditional counseling. Therefore it focuses more on the reasons behind inner wounds and possible hinderances between God and the person -having the triune God as a councilor. The foundations of healing are forgiveness and God’s truth and promises. SOZO helps people to heal relationships around them, to God to themselves and to other people.

A SOZO session usually takes place in a church or congregational setting. The SOZO team leads the receiver of the SOZO into a counseling prayer with God himself using the SOZO tools. One session normally lasts about one and a half hours to two hours. SOZO can also develop into a lifestyle, when the receiver uses the tools in his own life. The tools are easy to handle in daily life and very effective.