Would you like to know more about SOZO? Would you like to join the SOZO ministry or adopt SOZO as a lifestyle?

Then SOZO Basic which includes a teaching manual may be exactly what you are looking for!


During this one-day-workshop you will learn from experienced teachers and mentors about the history and the biblical foundation of SOZO. You will also be introduced to the four main tools: The Father Ladder, The Four Doors, Presenting Jesus and The Wall.


After the seminar you will be able to exercise the tools in groups.


Participating in the SOZO Basic Seminar as well as studying the manual and watching the Teaching DVDs is the requirement for further seminars and training.

After the SOZO Basic you will receive a certificate of participation. This would be your first step towards starting and leading a certified SOZO ministry within the German network

You have already completed the first steps and want to get more involved in SOZO ministry?

Then the Intensive Training will empower you to improve your skills and become more experienced.


As a team we have the following two levels of Intensive Training:

  • The starter package for people who have not yet or very rarely been leading a SOZO. Here you can repeat the basics and exercise the Four Tools together within groups.
  • The advanced package is for people who have already been leading SOZOs and wish to improve.


In this tutorial, experienced mentors support you in exercising the SOZO tools in depth and answer your questions. We recommend you participate a minimum of three times in an Intensive Training to become more secure.

The Intensive Training is offered as both live sessions in your congregation or in another hosting church. The training is also an essential contribution to our quality assurance. After participating you will receive a certificate.

Art Sozo enables you to connect your emotions to the heart of God and allow His healing to take place. The activity of painting helps to bypass roadblocks and allow God's truth to shine through on canvas and speak deeply into hearts. Art Sozo uses paint however no artist experience or craft ability is necessary. We connect to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit using paint.

Here are some testimonies from this 3 hour workshop prayer experience:

“I enjoyed having God show me about my life and what He thinks of me and what he has planned for me.”

“I learned to heat the voice of God better.”

“This was a new practical experience with God. To have a different kind of communication and encounter with God was fantastic.”

“Through this paint and prayer and experienced deeply how God loves me and that I can hear clearly from Him.”

“I am amazed that Jesus always shows Himself and how good He is.”